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By Kyle Murray, Class of 2012 —

It was 3’oclock Monday afternoon and I had a 5 o’clock date in the city that I wanted to look my best for. The only problem was, I desperately needed a haircut and my usual barber was too far to get to in time. Being that I wasn’t too familiar with the Jersey City area, I asked a friend who lived nearby to recommend someone. That is how I met, LadyJae.

When I walked into the shop, with the background music loudly playing and guys huddled in a corner talking about last night’s game, I couldn’t help but think, I wonder if she feels out of place and what’s it like to be the only female in such a masculine environment. I was curious to know if she had more or less clients than everyone else, and if people trusted her cuts could…

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By Yarleen Hernandez ‘14


Picture this. You’ve just woken up and you’re attached to monitors in a hospital. You look around the room and notice withered flowers on the bed side table. You try calling for the nurse but no one shows. Finally, you gather the strength to get up and go outside. Dead bodies are all you see. This scene comes straight out of the first episode of AMC’s highly-acclaimed zombie show, ‘The Walking Dead’.

With an enormous following by zombie enthusiasts, ‘The Walking Dead’ has become one of the most successful zombie shows of all time. So, is this ‘zombie trend’ just a passing fad or is it here to stay?

Kevin, owner of A&S Comics in North Bergen, NJ feels that zombies have always and will always be around.

“I don’t think it’s ever gone away,” said Kevin who did not want to reveal his last…

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Once Upon A Time Season 2 Review

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This show isn’t your average, cliché Snow White re-make. ‘Once Upon A Time’ turns the damsels in distress into strong, fearless leaders and warps the classic fairytales we all grew up with into one enchanted, intertwined, reality that takes place in Maine.

The fictional town of Storybrooke, Maine to be exact. ‘Once Upon A Time’ is back with a bang and already has viewers glued to their seats. Season one’s finale left fans longing to see their favorite characters awaken from the haunting curse that had Storybrooke trapped and amnesiac for 28 years.

Just to be fair to those who have not seen season one, this is my quick re-cap.(SPOILER ALERT!)  Snow White and Prince Charming (Mary Margaret Blanchard and David Nolan in Storybrooke) are in love and have just wed, but their bliss was hastily interrupted when The Evil Queen (Regina) threatens…

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By Yarleen Hernandez, Class of 2013 —

The two men stare at each other with intensity. Their foreheads are touching and it seems like one of them has a clear shot at the other’s face. Spectators sipped champagne and feasted on hors d’oeuvres while gazing in enthrallment at the photograph of the two men sparring. The photograph was featured at St. Peter’s University’s 2nd annual photography exhibition titled: Through the Lens.

Juan Cardenas, a St. Peter’s alumnus from the class of 2009 and the artist who took the photographs of the boxers, featured his work at the exhibition. ‘Left Upper Cut’, the title of the photograph, was one of the crowd favorites.

“The photographer of the boxing pieces was [of] my former student, Juan Cardenas, who was a Spanish major,” said Father Mark DeStephano, the Romance Language professor.  “Wonderful student, incredibly talented, always interested in photography, and now that he’s graduated, he is still…

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Hello world.

This is my first blog. I will be sharing my thoughts, emotions, views and ideas. My daily struggles, epiphanies, joys and heart breaks. I will be sharing my articles, poems, and literary works that might be great, horrible, life-changing, worthless and so on. I will be sharing who I am with all of you who have an interest in getting to know the real me.

The Peacock Press

By Yarleen Hernandez, Class of 2014

It’s 7:45 at night. You’re walking back to the residence halls from your coffee break. No one is around and you have 4 more blocks left in your journey. You can’t seem to shake the feeling of impending doom that is quickly growing inside of you. You realize that you’re not on campus anymore and anything is fair game. All of a sudden, you hear quick footsteps approaching behind you and your mind just tells you to do one thing: RUN.

While there may have been no reason to overact and run away, the old saying goes, better to be safe than sorry and that is exactly how many students feel in regards to the atmosphere outside of Saint Peter’s College.

“You know which places not to go to when you grow up in a certain area but not all of us have grown…

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